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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Conferences And Meetups in Las Vegas 2018




Over the last few years, Las Vegas has quickly become one of the most popular destinations for cryptocurrency and blockchain thought leaders to come together for conferences. While most of the innovation in cryptocurrency is largely coming from the tech elites in San Francisco and New York, it does not come as much of a surprise that Las Vegas has become the premiere location for blockchain conferences and meetups. With some of the greatest conference centers in the world and the appeal of the famous Las Vegas strip, we’ve seen a flood of conferences sweep the city.

Here is our top 5 best cryptocurrency conferences in Las Vegas this year:

1) World Crypto Conference: October 31 – November 2. The largest cryptocurrency conference in the world will be hosted at the Aria Resort this year. This is the ‘no-brainer’ event to attend. 1) Speakers include Brock Pierce, Arianna Simpson, Maxine Ryan, Vinny Lingham, Amy Yin and countless more industry titans. The event, which promotes endless education and fun totally embraces the diversity of entertainment options in Las Vegas, providing attendees the perfect mix of non-stop education, networking and entertainment. The conference has multiple tiers of access, from general admission all the way to an Ultra VIP experience for those aiming to network and play with the biggest names in cryptocurrency for the week.

Here is a video teaser of the event that has been released for this exciting crypto conference


2) Crypto Block Con: December 11 – December 12. Hosted at the Mandalay Bay Resort, this is the second most exciting conference on our list. Smaller than World Crypto Conference, this event aims to provide a more local group of entrepreneurs the ability to connect. The conference is focused on ”talking about the future benefits of blockchain and crypto assets, and showcase companies who are using this technology to disrupt industries and continuously innovate.”

3) Las Vegas Cryptocurrency Wealth: Monthly. If you have a business, product, service or message – this group is just what you need. LVCW is a Meetup group devoted to helping you meet and network with some of the most connected people in the area and beyond. If you want to learn how to find new clients, grow your business, create new opportunities and increase revenue in the world of the internet, cryptocurrency and more! That is what the group is all about… the fun part of business. This is a group designed to help you make a difference in your business, meet your goals and learn new techniques that will truly change our world!

4) Blockchain 2018 Investor Seminar: October 18. This one day conference is aimed to help you learn more about the investment opportunities in cryptocurrency. As a new paradigm, blockchains pose both challenges and opportunities to current models of investing. The conference will be lead by Christian Kameir who is responsible for the merger of two of Europe’s first Internet service providers as general counsel for NIKOMA, today part of Europe’s largest ISP Tiscali in 2000. A great conference for family offices and institutional investors.

5) Strategic Analytics Summit: September 18. SAS2018 is the big data event of the year for technologists, business leaders, data scientists and anyone at the forefront of change in their organizations. In addition to analytics insights, you will learn the latest about Blockchain, what’s happening on the ground with SmartCities, and how to drive business results from those who have done it. New Blockchain deep-dive added this year! Here’s who attended last year: Leaders from 100+ unique organizations across 15+ sectors, Nearly 75% of last year’s attendees were Directors, VPs and C-level executives, and Decision-makers from all functional areas including Operations, Finance, Marketing, Sales & HR.